K runs into S

On her way back from dance practice, K comes across a recently made friend, S,
“Hi, what have you been up to?” S inquires of K as soon as they are within speaking distance.
“Not much,” replies K. “Just back from dance practice.”
S drops his jaw in disbelief. He stares at K with questions in his eyes and reaches to calm his now breaking heart. “You never told me you danced!”
“I know! I never got the chance.” says K.
“My apologies. I should have asked more about you.” S is silent for a moment. He soon adds, “ So, what kind of dance do you, uh, practice?’
“Sorry, what?” K takes a quick step back.
“What kind of dance do you practice?” S repeats his question.
K begins to tremble. She looks to her left and then to her right and then back to S. “What kinds of dances are there?” she asks.
S will not give up this question now. “Well, a couple, I believe!”
K is lost in thought for a minute. And then, “Interesting,” she says. “Farewell then, Mister. I will not answer your question.”
K turns and continues on her way.

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