Unseen Sights

  1. Forgotten

Some images are more unseen than forgotten.

Some are seen, yet they remain unnoticed.

So, where are we from?

A mark on a wall seeks attention by its bold placement.

A stain screams in horror from being wiped out of existence.

Should not it be silent?

Because flames go to heaven, the path of a chimney is obscured.

And though it grows from the cranium of Hades, the fireplace is a place after all.

The earth (the rocks (sand, granite,, limestone), and the water),

The sun (the light, the heat, the sight!),

The gods (the lives (experience, mind, existence), and our own creations),

They conspire against us.

Well, the grounds know it all.

So do the walls–they are abstract beings that surround us in every dimension.

We seek a line to the edge of the world.

But we move without orientation.

We are deceived because the ground is always beneath the sky.

We forget where we are from.