• Walking around together / I hope we walk the same
    Walking around together, I hope we walk the same. Darkness will come, in this dream and weather. This city, Is where I’ll dig my grave. The breeze and twisters, falling trees and flowers, Rolling heaps of dried leaves and broken brooms and rakes walk behind me. I hope we walk the same.
  • I thought you would be kinder
    I thought you would be kinder. In my dream, I watched you sleep, Dreaming of me where I lived; You watched me dream of shadows and sounds, their shapes and matter; Won’t you wake me up? If you dreamt of me, I would spring to my feet And pinch your shoulders. I would think of […]
  • K runs into S
    On her way back from dance practice, K comes across a recently made friend, S, “Hi, what have you been up to?” S inquires of K as soon as they are within speaking distance. “Not much,” replies K. “Just back from dance practice.”
  • Untitled, 5×4.5″, acrylic on cardboard
    What does it even mean? It’s a thing you say just to keep them quiet. It’s the thing you do to curb the uprising. It’s a way you talk to hide the problem. It’s the finger you raise to change the subject. The thing you do to scale the protest. The signs you don’t see, […]
  • Monochrome Manifestation, Mixed media, 5×4.5”
    A monochrome manifestation of blood and blues, orange and yellows, curves and subtle triangles. What can you love in times like these?
  • In My Days
    In my days, The modest mind isn’t a mind; It isn’t one sought for words; It isn’t one with thoughts extolled. In my days, the quiet mind isn’t a mind. The humble one is invisible, Unpraised and unsought; Unwelcome, unvirtuous, In my days, the humble one is the fool. And when words scream from reason; […]
  • Hard Worker
    We see you Every breaking day With the pulse Of a torn heart; beating on. Every aching day With the neurons Of a worn mind; thinking on. And the endless work, With counting hours Of sitting still and writing off. Caffeine in blood, Heaven in sight; If the lamp stays on Night never comes.



Short poems contemplating on land, sea, and season, and time of day, and photosynthesis, and some animals.