Her dreamy eyes met mine. I saw hope for the first time since a while.

Into me – she looked. I had nothing – only darkness – only sorrows. The darkness of my heart – sorrows from heartbreaks – my endless dissolutions. I stared back.

I had been through this before – I no longer cared.

My heart was void – our eyes locked. There I stood – a stoned heart – a man? – a clueless. What is to come!

I seeped from consciousness – my surrounding? – I lost the sense of her. I remember nothing – nothing I remember.

A gust of wind – there came – rushed to my chest – I came to be. I had lost my breath – my sense of time? – faltered.

Then the touch of light – I felt. Illumination – touched my face. Enlightenment – filled my heart – filled my gut – beaming . I felt alive.

She had broke a smile – touched me. Her charm – struck me. My weighted heart – now fire light – bewitched – ascending.

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