I thought you would be kinder

I thought you would be kinder.
In my dream, I watched you sleep,
Dreaming of me where I lived;
You watched me dream
of shadows and sounds,
their shapes and matter;

Won’t you wake me up?
If you dreamt of me,
I would spring to my feet
And pinch your shoulders.

I would think of you dreaming
So you would think of me
When I thought of you,

And your thought of me
would tap my shoulders
And send me out,
to wake you up.

But you see that my heart is ghost.
I thought you would be kinder
Yet, my care for you walks alone.

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Leaving too soon

Heavy autumn clouds.
Rising flower sprouts.
Before the rain comes and before the lands flower and awe;
The bonds that we share might be all gone.

Leaving me before we were together,
makes me want you more.
Saying goodbye once and again in never,
makes me fight to not hold these words.

I will miss the warmth of your chest;
and ache without the cuddles of your neck.
My darling to be; now dearest lady that left;
I remember!
The times we were just free birds;
Singing in our neighborhood nests;
These times are harder than I imagined.
I thought these memories would keep me alive.
But the memories hurt,
and slowly I slip.

Leaving me before we were together
makes me want you more.
Saying goodbye once, and again in never,
makes me fight to not hold these words.
Rising flower sprouts and heavy autumn clouds;
The chance will not come when we shall watch these turn.

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Missing You

To speak of lost friends,

To speak of lost laughs and broken promises and lost truths.

That I love you, that I need you, that I’ll be there for you.

That you are the only one; that we are best together;

That these are now lost to the times that we once knew,

That all I can do is remind you of these times that we once knew.


To speak of being alone without you,

To dream of your presence just to feel better.

To speak of how you listen when I talk,

How each time I see you, my breath feels renewed;

How these are now lost to the times that we once knew,

How all I can do is remind you of these times that we once knew,

And speak like I am fine and nothing was missed nor forgotten;

I may fall to the floor and crumble.

I don’t want to speak of you.

I don’t want to miss you.

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Soaring through me

 I see it’s you, behind my eyes. 
Stuck in my head, but when you are here.
And I feel the truth, tipped on my tongue;
Hung on a thread, but never once heard.
Thus tells the reason;
You take my bones, you beat me up.
You take my voice, you speak in blues.
I’m stuck in time, you’re soaring through me.
I hail the stars, they’re in your eyes.
I say a prayer, no looking back.
I’ve found my life, it’s in your hands.
Let’s sail the stars; we’re hand in hand.

The stars are neigh; close as we are.
Between our eyes; catching our fire.
They explode at last; blinding out sight.
They explode out bright; supernova!
We fall down fast, and love is around.
I take your hands, I’ll hold you on.
I’ll write you songs, I’ll sing in blues.
Yes take me on, we’ll sail us on.
Yes make us one, we’ll hold us up.

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Her dreamy eyes met mine. I saw hope for the first time since a while.

Into me – she looked. I had nothing – only darkness – only sorrows. The darkness of my heart – sorrows from heartbreaks – my endless dissolutions. I stared back.

I had been through this before – I no longer cared.

My heart was void – our eyes locked. There I stood – a stoned heart – a man? – a clueless. What is to come!

I seeped from consciousness – my surrounding? – I lost the sense of her. I remember nothing – nothing I remember.

A gust of wind – there came – rushed to my chest – I came to be. I had lost my breath – my sense of time? – faltered.

Then the touch of light – I felt. Illumination – touched my face. Enlightenment – filled my heart – filled my gut – beaming . I felt alive.

She had broke a smile – touched me. Her charm – struck me. My weighted heart – now fire light – bewitched – ascending.

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Someone like you

Now that I have begun this journey, I know what it feels like;

I am glad we are alike, it is such a feeling we share.

This journey I have started with you and you with me, I hope to see it to eternity!

I dream of us where we die together and die on forever.

I devote my heart to you, just as you to me.

Indeed we are the same.

This feeling that I have for you is great.

Knowing that this is the same for you is the one greatest thing to me.

I am blessed that you have found me as I have found you. 

Knowing you is the greatest of all pleasures that can be bestowed.

You are most certainly revered, dear one.

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