You, me and Catastrophe

Once upon a time when I lived,

When there was you, me and catastrophe,

When you sought my surrender,

When I kept rebel, 

When you made home for catastrophe,

Booms, explosions, and bangs –

We came upon a time of only catastrophe;

Catastrophe, anarchy, they came.

Your flows brought them;

I heard you calling, 

Read your midnight texts.

I listened quietly as the world passed me.


You flowed along, you brought unrest,

Those things were yours;



Your taste for chaos –

That once upon a time

of booming exploding banging –

You called catastrophe.

No, I said.


you don’t own me –

Before you me and catastrophe,

Once upon a time, I lived.

I lived alone and the world passed me.

You flowed into me

drowned my fences,

flooded my lungs,

twined around my bones –

We encountered,

My life turned over –

Once upon a time, my love.

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