Dusty Sky

Dusty sky,

I lost heaven’s glance.

Sinner boy,

You stole merry’s smile.

I was simple and kind,

Feathers for heart,

Mother and father, single arts bind,

Spirit and thunder, changing laws ‘vide –


Now a wondering child disordered,

Seeking answers from yonder.

People with lies, heaven with shrouds –

The city is the truth, crowded with minds,

The disillusioned and the lights;

Thus I listen;

Indeed I might – Continue reading “Dusty Sky”

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Photographs and painting outs;

Musics and writing downs;

All these arts that I am;

From the sounds of my heart;

To the views of my deepest dreams;

Beautiful that they are;

These I know.


Watch me do things weird;

As an artist, thinking different.

Consciously off the norm;

Without choice;

Making new things and things anew.


All these new creations;

I shall call them my own;

Proud as can be!

They were borne of my soul;

Each with a part of me.

Every lavender word;

Scratched off of my bones.

I let it be part of you;

As they are part of me.

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