Dusty Sky

Dusty sky,

I lost heaven’s glance.

Sinner boy,

You stole merry’s smile.

I was simple and kind,

Feathers for heart,

Mother and father, single arts bind,

Spirit and thunder, changing laws ‘vide –


Now a wondering child disordered,

Seeking answers from yonder.

People with lies, heaven with shrouds –

The city is the truth, crowded with minds,

The disillusioned and the lights;

Thus I listen;

Indeed I might –


Theories everywhere and everywhere they point.

Finding breath to find the right.

With losing of my sight,

I look up to find thick sand,

Breathing-in in the falling earth,

My heart fills with confusion and boulders and tiny stones –


Covered by dust is the present sky.

The sky was once open and up and bright with uneven clouds that lined around.

Now it falls to a frightened heart.

This frightened heart that was feather light –


The sky was open and bright,

Uneven clouds had lined around.


Beautiful stories were up and high,

The sky was open and bright.


Adorning clouds had stories of mine;

They were stolen away by and by;


Now laced with mockery,

Heavy dark and sand left behind,

The sky vanishes


Leaving me


a wonderer –


Behold, sand!

Earth below and earth up high.

Sand bag for a heart I’ve had.

You gave me this frown,

Sinner boy,

Thinking out loud –

Bathed in dust I remain,

Covered by dust turned the sky.


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