Soaring through me

 I see it’s you, behind my eyes. 
Stuck in my head, but when you are here.
And I feel the truth, tipped on my tongue;
Hung on a thread, but never once heard.
Thus tells the reason;
You take my bones, you beat me up.
You take my voice, you speak in blues.
I’m stuck in time, you’re soaring through me.
I hail the stars, they’re in your eyes.
I say a prayer, no looking back.
I’ve found my life, it’s in your hands.
Let’s sail the stars; we’re hand in hand.

The stars are neigh; close as we are.
Between our eyes; catching our fire.
They explode at last; blinding out sight.
They explode out bright; supernova!
We fall down fast, and love is around.
I take your hands, I’ll hold you on.
I’ll write you songs, I’ll sing in blues.
Yes take me on, we’ll sail us on.
Yes make us one, we’ll hold us up.

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