Sleep makes me whole

Dreams of food somehow, are put to me on repeat.

Night after night, each time I close my eyes;

My tummy holds my mind and I’m fed with savory tales of hope of my possible tomorrows.

Although now lost on details and to pardonable memories, I awake with new visions and a measure of acclaimed fulfillment.

I turn to the lady of sleep somewhere at the back of my eyes as I shut them close one last time before my bed I leave.

I hear a sweet jingle ringing in my head and I walk with it until I’m awake; it was my favorite alarm today!

It came a trickle time too early and I never got to say thank you for the good dream me seen.

But by Jove! I will return in the middle of the next night with rejuvenated anticipation; and I shall make sure to gratify the good times we have;

For this is the reason I live; without sleep I would be fallen like a dry leaf and may have no soul.

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