Walking around together / I hope we walk the same

Walking around together,
I hope we walk the same.
Darkness will come,
in this dream and weather.
This city,
Is where I’ll dig my grave.
The breeze and twisters,
falling trees and flowers,
Rolling heaps of dried leaves
and broken brooms and rakes
walk behind me.
I hope we walk the same.

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I thought you would be kinder

I thought you would be kinder.
In my dream, I watched you sleep,
Dreaming of me where I lived;
You watched me dream
of shadows and sounds,
their shapes and matter;

Won’t you wake me up?
If you dreamt of me,
I would spring to my feet
And pinch your shoulders.

I would think of you dreaming
So you would think of me
When I thought of you,

And your thought of me
would tap my shoulders
And send me out,
to wake you up.

But you see that my heart is ghost.
I thought you would be kinder
Yet, my care for you walks alone.

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Sleepy well

The sun is beautiful tonight;

It hides behind your back.

The moon turns periscope;

your eyes are spied.


Morning sparks

Shiny rise, shiny rise

The moon is majestic today;

It hides behind your back.

The moon is periscope;

The sun spies the ones in the dark.


Hello world

Sing me songs

Everything is great

Satellites play their drama, 

In the nights and in day.


Sing me songs.

Sing for the ones in the dark.

Everything is great

The world is in a cycle and in time I’ll return 

Everything is okay

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Sleep makes me whole

Dreams of food somehow, are put to me on repeat.

Night after night, each time I close my eyes;

My tummy holds my mind and I’m fed with savory tales of hope of my possible tomorrows.

Although now lost on details and to pardonable memories, I awake with new visions and a measure of acclaimed fulfillment.

I turn to the lady of sleep somewhere at the back of my eyes as I shut them close one last time before my bed I leave.

I hear a sweet jingle ringing in my head and I walk with it until I’m awake; it was my favorite alarm today!

It came a trickle time too early and I never got to say thank you for the good dream me seen.

But by Jove! I will return in the middle of the next night with rejuvenated anticipation; and I shall make sure to gratify the good times we have;

For this is the reason I live; without sleep I would be fallen like a dry leaf and may have no soul.

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