Sleepy well

The sun is beautiful tonight;

It hides behind your back.

The moon turns periscope;

your eyes are spied.


Morning sparks

Shiny rise, shiny rise

The moon is majestic today;

It hides behind your back.

The moon is periscope;

The sun spies the ones in the dark.


Hello world

Sing me songs

Everything is great

Satellites play their drama, 

In the nights and in day.


Sing me songs.

Sing for the ones in the dark.

Everything is great

The world is in a cycle and in time I’ll return 

Everything is okay

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Her dreamy eyes met mine. I saw hope for the first time since a while.

Into me – she looked. I had nothing – only darkness – only sorrows. The darkness of my heart – sorrows from heartbreaks – my endless dissolutions. I stared back.

I had been through this before – I no longer cared.

My heart was void – our eyes locked. There I stood – a stoned heart – a man? – a clueless. What is to come!

I seeped from consciousness – my surrounding? – I lost the sense of her. I remember nothing – nothing I remember.

A gust of wind – there came – rushed to my chest – I came to be. I had lost my breath – my sense of time? – faltered.

Then the touch of light – I felt. Illumination – touched my face. Enlightenment – filled my heart – filled my gut – beaming . I felt alive.

She had broke a smile – touched me. Her charm – struck me. My weighted heart – now fire light – bewitched – ascending.

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Someone like you

Now that I have begun this journey, I know what it feels like;

I am glad we are alike, it is such a feeling we share.

This journey I have started with you and you with me, I hope to see it to eternity!

I dream of us where we die together and die on forever.

I devote my heart to you, just as you to me.

Indeed we are the same.

This feeling that I have for you is great.

Knowing that this is the same for you is the one greatest thing to me.

I am blessed that you have found me as I have found you. 

Knowing you is the greatest of all pleasures that can be bestowed.

You are most certainly revered, dear one.

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